[CLI Feature] The number of blocks produced in client status

Display the number of blocks produced in staking mode during the time while the daemon is running. This information is in the log file. It is difficult for an ordinary user to read the log file, or write a regular expression that would show him the number of produced blocks


Definitely this :+1:

Something as simple as Blocks submitted under Blocks Producers Running would be incredibly useful in the status output (or number this epoch)

Sync Status:                Synced
Block Producers Running:    1 (tNciEHZuC9SdpdKjG3cLw8dpdKUdXpbrqkhctcE422NyspG8G3ddArHJupGvV591mRKd6hEMBoPNPNRZMSjyN1S8Jp4jD8zMyHSzvsFhzKhqa7Q3F2a3uNmNUHp2rtVsj3HuLt9Zw3whHM)
Blocks Submitted:   12