Introductions 👋

Hey guys,
I am Lukas from Germany near Hannover and I love blockchain. Originally I am a frontend engineer, but my interest about blockchain is endless. I already have a node running and it just works really well. :slight_smile:

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Hello, All. I’m Marko, R&D engineer from Slovenia. I’m in crypto for about 3 years now and I’m intersted more and more in it, especially in nev projects as is CODA so I’m looking forward to help you by participating in testnet.

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ok, i know, i from viet nam.

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HI folks. Discovered Coda last week - found it at Coinbase ventures. The theory behind zkSNARKs is way over my head, but it looks really promising. I’ve got lots of sw development experience and I’m looking do something useful/interesting/profitable in the crypto space. Coda is pretty near the top of my list atm. I look forward to working with it.


Hey all! :wave: My name’s Ahmad and I recently joined O(1) Labs as an SRE/Infrastructure engineer.

I’m excited about and interested in the decentralized, crypto space in general but especially intrigued by zkSNARKs and the potential of zero-knowledge technology. Glad to be a part of the team!


Hi,Im Shyam, been in crypto since 2017 and it feels good to be here


Hi all,
I am from Europe (Germany) and I am curious to learn more about the Coda project. I am simply enthusiastic about blockchains but I work in the energy sector. So I am not a crypto professional but I spend considerable time in the space and my enthusiasm only grows.
Have a nice day! :unicorn:


Hello everyone from San Francisco - Bay Area, I’m Jeff Flowers. This is one of those projects that I’ve been meaning to get ‘serious’ about, and ready to get on learning more about the work being done. So far, awesome community and looking forward to the future.

Hello everyone . Greetings from Netzaq, citizen of Nigeria, an Electrical/Electronic Engineering graduate, poet and playwright, philosopher and humanitarian. Willing to contribute to the Coda community, fraternize with people across other regions of the world.

Hey all,

My name is Dan Ciotoli, and I’m a Data Engineer at an asset management company in Stamford, CT. I’m looking forward to contributing where I can, and really excited to see where Coda will go!

Hi, my name is Mikhail, from Russia. I love to program and learn something new, Coda helps to make it happen.

Hello, o1labs team and other coda admirers! My name is Mikhail and I am a PhD student and crypto enthusiast from Moscow. I’ve been involved in crypto from early 2018 and since then I’ve got opportunity to participate in launch of many notable projects. Hope my experience will help coda to prosper!