Phase III (needs better core team support)

Phase III (needs better core team support)

Several of us spent the core of the past 3 days, getting our Block-Producer and Snark-Workers online to keep the network stable.

It feels like the core team was not prepared to support the influx of new people joining Phase III

Good that several new features were introduced, but along with it came a lot more bugs and in some cases what worked in Phase II stopped working.

IMHO, if the team is requesting for us to invest our time, dollars, and resources to shakeout and test the network, they should be more than willing to be there and support us when we run into issues.

In Lieu of lack of support, I have decided to shut down my Block-Producer node and Snark-Worker nodes.

I hope and trust things will change for the better in the next iteration of Phase III and/or Phase IV.

The software is not ready for PRODuction use.

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