Testnet Beta Release 3.2b Challenges

Coda’s Testnet Beta Release 3.2b: Challenges

:rotating_light: ATTENTION: Release 3.2b and all challenges have ended! Stay tuned for the next testnet! You can sign up for the Genesis mailing list, or keep an eye on the announcements on our Discord chat.

Coda’s Testnet is a way for the community to test out the network and help to improve Coda. By participating in testnet, you also increase your chances of being eligible for the Genesis Token Program (which awards 6.6% of the protocol to 1000 Genesis Founding Members for being the first block producers upon mainnet launch).

Overview of Testnet:

  1. Testnet Challenges - Learn how to operate the protocol, while contributing to Coda’s network resilience.
  • Technical Challenges - For those who want to try out features of Coda’s succinct blockchain. For Release 3.2b, there are only 200 slots for members to participate in technical challenges, and the deadline has passed for stake delegation, but you can still sign up here to be put on the waitlist. We also plan to expand participation for the next release.
  • Community Challenges - Don’t require technical skills and are a good way to start participating if you’re new to the community.
  • Flash Challenges - Every once in a while, we announce flash challenges where you can earn extra points. Keep an eye on Discord!
  1. Testnet Points * - Get recognized with points* for successfully accomplishing testnet challenges.
  2. Leaderboard - Get a view of where you rank on testnet points* compared to other participants. The leaderboard is also a big factor in the Genesis eligibility selection process.

For more information on specifically testnet release 3.2b, including a FAQ, check out this thread.

Technical Challenges - Limited Access

Challenge #1: Connect to testnet and send coda 500 pts*


The team has provided all the necessary documentation here and sent the seed addresses by email to help you get started on the testnet. If you’re as excited about SNARKs as we are, or simply want to be involved in helping realize a truly decentralized financial system, we can’t wait to work with you. Join the Discord server where you meet the team and other testnet users.

After you’re connected to the testnet, send a transaction with at least 1 coda to the below address to get the points for this challenge.

address: 4vsRCViQQRxXfkgEspR9vPWLypuSEGkZtHxjYF7srq5M1mZN4LSoX7wWCFZGitJLmdoozDXmrCugvBBKsePd6hfBAp9P3eTCHs5HwdC763A1FbjzskfrCvWMq9KXXsmFxWhYpG9nnhWzqSC1

Challenge #2: Stake your Coda and produce blocks up to 7500 pts*

  • Produce 1 block and get it accepted in the main chain for 1000 pts*.

  • Anyone who produces at least 3 blocks will earn an additional 1000 pts*.

Bonus points if you produce the most blocks:

1st place: 5500 pts*
2nd place: 4000 pts*
3rd place: 3000 pts*

Top 10: 2000 pts*.
Top 25: 1500 pts*.
Top 100: 1000 pts*.

Check out the FAQ section of this thread for tips and tools on staking.

[CLOSED] Challenge #3: Create and sell zk-SNARKs on Coda up to 8000 pts*

- Earn 3 codas in fees by producing and selling zk-SNARKs on the snarketplace: 1000 pts*.

- Anyone who earned 50 codas in fees will be rewarded with an additional 1000 pts*.

Bonus: The user who sold the most expensive SNARK on the snarketplace and got it included in the main chain will receive a bonus of 500 pts*.

Bonus points if you earn the most fees on the Snarketplace:

1st place: 5500 pts*
2nd place: 4000 pts*
3rd place: 3000 pts*

Top 10: 2000 pts*
Top 25: 1500 pts*
Top 100: 1000 pts*

Community challenges

FLASH CHALLENGE: Coda Wiki Survey 1000 pts*

Help us improve the Coda wiki for the community. We’d love to hear about your views and preferences for the community wiki – fill out the Coda wiki survey here.

Challenge #4: Tell A Friend about Genesis

Refer your friends to join Coda and be considered for a Genesis token grant! Your friend needs to sign up for the Genesis token program by following the three steps on this page.

100 pts* per signed up friend. You and your friend can fill in their referrals in this form.

Challenge #5: Community Builders Community MVP + 2000 pts*

Many people have become leaders in the community since Coda’s Testnet Beta launched. We want to keep recognising people who contribute the most to build a robust, decentralised, and collaborative community. With the launch of the Genesis Token Program, we have had an influx of new participants and a crucial way community members can help is by extending their support to any new joiners. Help new members by answering questions, offering guidance, directing them to resources, etc. We can only award points for what we see, so make sure you’re doing it in one of the official testnet channels so everyone can learn, and share your contributions with the community !

We may give out all the awards in a week, or none, or several at each level. The more active the community has, the more awards we can give out in this category. If you feel that a community member should get a Community Builder’s award, also please let us know!

  • Platinum — 2000 pts* + Community MVP — went above and beyond, and made substantial contribution to build a robust, decentralised and collaborative community. Awarded in exceptional cases.
  • Gold — 2000 pts*— made a major, or on-going contribution to the community throughout the release. A major standout!
  • Silver — 500 pts*— always there, always helping, always positive.

Challenge #6: Let’s Meetup Community MVP + 4000 pts*

Get your local Coda community together by organising the inaugural Coda meetup in your area. The leaders in the community who organise the meetup can earn up to 4000 pts* and will be a candidate for Community MVP. Check out a Coda event in the SF Bay Area organized by Greg as an example.

Join the #meetups channel on Discord to collaborate with the community to organize the meetup. Due to Covid-19, we suggest planning the meetup to be virtual. We will be here to support you!

Also join one of these new meetup groups to stay on top of Coda events near your area. We’re starting with the following cities and will add more eventually!

Don’t see your city in this list? Go to the meetup channel on Discord and (start a) vote for your city!

  • Testnet Points are designed solely to track contributions to the Testnet and Testnet Points have no cash or other monetary value. Testnet Points are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. We may at any time amend or eliminate Testnet Points.