Testnet Beta Release 3.3

Participate in Coda’s Testnet

Coda’s Testnet offers the community to try out the key roles on the succinct blockchain – block producer and snark worker.

  • Learn - learn how to operate the protocol and how to stake, while contributing to Coda’s network resilience.
  • Test - testing is valuable for the project’s development, but it is also useful if you plan to run a block producer node on mainnet. You can test your setup and the features now on the testnet.
  • Earn Testnet Points* - complete technical and community challenges, get awarded with testnet points* and place yourself on the leaderboard.
  • Genesis Token Program - by staking on testnet and completing challenges, you’re preparing to become one of Coda’s first block producers upon mainnet launch. You’re demonstrating that you have the skills and know-how to operate the Coda Protocol and are committed to contribute to Coda and it’s community of users, the main purpose of Genesis.

If you’re as excited about SNARKs as we are, or simply want to be involved in helping realize a truly decentralized financial system, we can’t wait to work with you. Join the Discord server where you can meet the team and other testnet users or the LIVE TESTNET Q&A Session coming soon (date TBC).



Testnet Challenges

Help and Support



We want to clearly communicate our expectations for the community. Please review these so you don’t run into any issues with warnings, bans or disqualifications.

  • only one Discord account per person is allowed.
  • only one public key per person is allowed.
  • only one spot on the leaderboard per person is allowed.

In case of doubt, please check with an O(1) Labs team member.

Testnet Challenges

Learn how to operate the protocol, while contributing to Coda’s network resilience. There are different ways for everyone to be involved:

  • Community challenges – these challenges do not require technical skills. Besides testing the protocol, members can also make other valuable contributions to Coda and its community of users through community challenges.
  • Technical Challenges – technical challenges for users who want to try out features of the succinct blockchain. The 400 testnet users are already selected for release 3.3. You can sign up for the waitlist here. The registrations for technical challenges of Coda’s next release are expected to open in a few weeks. Stay tuned on Discord or sign up for the Genesis mailling list to receive a notification.

By completing challenges, you will earn testnet points* and a position on the leaderboard. Both categories of challenges are valuable to Coda and its community of users, and will increase your chances to become eligible for the Genesis token program.

Requirements for Technical Challenges

The following requirements apply for members who are participating in technical challenges:

  • Make sure you are using the key that you used when you signed up for the testnet! The team has delegated a significant amount of stake to your key so you can produce blocks.

  • To successfully produce blocks, you need good uptime – your node needs to be online and connected to testnet (if not 24/7, then as much as possible) during release 3.3.

  • If you’re not actively staking to produce blocks and participating, then your stake may be re-delegated to a member on the waitlist for release 3.3. You will still be able to participate in community challenges.

  • You are required to complete challenge #1 (send a transaction to the designated address) within 48 hours after testnet launch, and produce at least 1 block within a reasonable time after testnet launch. Join Discord if you have questions about producing blocks!

Help and Support


Jump on a video call to talk with our devs, give feedback, or ask any questions that you might have about the testnet. You are one of Coda’s earliest users, we’re happy to meet you! The date will be announced shortly.

Discord Live Chat

If you get stuck or need help, then the best place to ask your questions is on Discord. If you are a beginner go to #mentor-nodes, if you need intermediate/advanced help go to the #testnet-general or #testnet-connected channel. Discord is also the place where Coda’s community and team hang out, so feel free to come join the conversation!

Coda Wiki

The community is also sharing helpful resources, guides, tips and tools on the Coda wiki. Check it out and feel free to add to it if you have something to share that would be useful for other members as well!



Can everyone participate in testnet release 3.3?

Yes! Everyone can participate in community challenges. Access to technical challenges is limited to 400 members in this release. We hope to increase the number of spots for technical challenges gradually during next releases.

When can I sign up for technical challenges of the next release?

The registrations for technical challenges of next release are expected to open in a few weeks. Stay tuned on Discord or sign up for the Genesis mailling list to receive a notification.


When will the next cohort for Genesis founding members be selected?

We will select more Genesis founding members at the end of release 3.3.

How will the the next cohort for Genesis founding members be selected?

We will consult the phase 3 leaderboard, and the Testnet MVP and Community MVP positions. We hope to onboard around 100 Genesis founding members after phase 3 ends.


How many testnet codas do I have in my account?
We delegated 65.500 testnet codas to the account that you registered with when you signed up for testnet 3.3. You also received 500 testnet codas directly in your account. This means that you can start staking with 66.000 tokens, which will give you a good chance to win slots to produce blocks.

Do I need to keep my machine up and running?

Yes. Uptime is essential for block producers on the network. During this release, the average staking time to produce at least one block is around 2 days. However, since winning a slot to produce a block is based on a lottery, this might be different for everyone.

Is there a block explorer to check the activity on the public blockchain?


How can I increase my chances to produce blocks?

If you’re running both block producers and snark workers at the same time on the same machine, your machine might require a lot of computing power at the moment when you try to produce a block in your slot while you’re also performing SNARK work. A way to go about this, is to temporarily turn off your SNARK worker around the time that you expect to produce a block (4 cores is more than enough if you prioritize block production). You can see the expected time to produce a block in coda client status.

At the moment, we don’t have tooling to automatically prioritize the block producer process over the snark workers, but the community has provided different options / scripts to enable this:

More helpful tips, shared by the community, to operate your node can be found on the Coda Wiki. Feel free to add to the wiki as well if you have useful information to share with the community!

Have fun on the testnet!