Token Burn When New Accounts are Created

Did you know that when you create an account, some small fixed amount of tokens are burned?

This is a new feature on Coda’s testnet. Is this clear when you use the CLI? We’re interested in your feedback!

i created an account with the “coda accounts create” command and was rewarded another wallet from it but no info on burning coda?


Hi, I also didn’t notice any info on any burn happening. Was pretty rushed at the time so that might have something to do with it.

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I did not notice that, neither in the Coda block explorer that is mentioned.


Same here, I created new accounts using both commands (old and new) and didn’t notice any token burn.

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It wasn’t clear at first but if you think about it, it is sensible. Operations on the network ought to cost some amount of tokens/gas. As such, that makes perfect sense, just like there is a fee to send some Coda elsewhere. Also increases the cost of spam account making.

I didn’t know, and I as far as I can see, it doesn’t seem to reflect on chain. coda accounts create doesn’t display any notification that a small fixed amount is burned. Didn’t find a mention of this in the docs either. Let us know more about the specifics.

Seems like a good idea to add info on the accounts cmd in the CLI Reference. At the moment it’s entirely missing. However, I understand that Coda APIs are still under construction – as is mentioned in the docs.